Beach Body Bundle (HP)

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Impact Whey Protein 1kg

Caséine Micellaire 1kg 

Protéine de riz brain 1kg

Carnipro 1kg

Isolat de Protéine de soja 1kg

Isolat de protéine de Pois 1kg

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The Beach Body Bundle contains 6 premium products which will have you looking your very best this summer. Whether you are completing the Myprotein Beach Body Challenge or just wanting to look great in the sun then this bundle contains everything you need to see amazing results. Regarding the individual supplements themselves, this bundle contains 1kg of Impact Whey Protein in delicious chocolate smooth flavour, 750g of Berry Blast Fuse, 250g of unflavoured BCAA, 60 CLA softgels, 120 Thermo-Extreme capsules and a 600ml Myprotein Blender Bottle.

Whey Protein Deluxe (1kg, Chocolate Smooth)
This scientifically driven blend combines premium sources of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and hydrolysed whey protein to deliver a fast acting protein blend with an amazing amino acid profile. Containing 22g of protein per 30g serving, it is essential for building and repairing lean tissue, and is a must in any athlete’s diet.

Fuse (Berry Blast, 750g)
Fuse is a brand new concept in the form of a unique Amino Maintenance Formula, it combines an advanced Branched Chain Amino Acid blend with Creatine, Glutamine, Taurine and fast acting carbohydrates.
This unique blend can be consumed at anytime throughout the day to reduce muscle catabolism and to promote muscle protein synthesis.
Each 25g serving also provides 5g of Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate which has been shown to increase muscle ATP stores, supporting lean muscle gains and promoting increases in power and strength.

BCAA (Unflavoured, 250g)
BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acids consist of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. They are required to maintain lean tissue and studies have shown that they help to preserve your stores of glycogen and also prevent tissue breakdown during training.

CLA (60 Softgels)
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a fatty acid found naturally in meat and dairy products, and has been shown to assist in fat loss and lean muscle gains. Containing 1000mg of CLA per softgel, our CLA is ideal for anyone looking to cut fat and improve lean definition.

Thermo-Extreme (120 Caps, unflavoured)
Scientifically formulated using the latest research, Thermo-Extreme can support a healthy metabolism whilst mobilising and burning body fat. Thermo-Extreme contains a precise blend of premium quality ingredients including Green Tea Extract, Bladderwrack, Caffeine, Siberian Ginseng and White Kidney Bean Extract.

Myprotein Blender Bottle (600ml)
The Myprotein Blender Bottle is the most advanced sports supplement bottle on the market today, helping you to mix your individual sports supplements with minimal effort.

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  • 6 Premium Best Selling Products
  • Get Lean with the Beach Body Bundle
  • Outstanding Value For Money

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Please see individual product pages for details.

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Beach Body Bundle (HP)

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Beach Body Bundle (HP)